Sony released the Xperia X in the spring of 2016. What better way to welcome the warmer months than with one of the hottest new phones? The intuitive features of the Xperia X make this powerful little device a great smartphone. The device comes equipped with adaptive charging, low light camera settings, and the Snapdragon processor. All of these features and more, make the Xperia X a great device for all types of people. As with any smartphone, a professional repair partner is important and DSD MobileCell Phone Repair provides a multitude of Xperia X repair services.


Xperia X Screen Repair

The screen on a smartphone is vital to enjoying use of the device. If the screen on your Xperia X cracks or shatters, don’t worry! DSD Mobile’s expert technicians have the tools and professional knowledge to fix it. No matter what happened to your screen, DSD Mobileknows all about Xperia X repair. We can clean out any debris, evaluate the inside for damages, and have a new screen put on the phone in no time. Call us today to set up an appointment!


Xperia X Water Damage

Water and phones don’t usually mix and that’s no exception with the Xperia X. But don’t worry if your device accidentally takes a dip! DSD Mobileknows all about water damage and how to fix it. IF you get your Xperia X to us as soon as possible after the incident, we can get to work. After drying out the device, we check the parts for damage and replace any part ruined by the water. Then we can get your phone back to working normally! If our Xperia X repair doesn’t work due to the extensiveness of the damage, you still have options. We have a whole collection of no-contract phones available for purchase. So if your Xperia X takes a swim, bring it to DSD Mobilefor fast and affordable repairs!

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